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Pain Radar is for people who suffer from chronic inflammatory pain such as, Osteo Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other Arthritides. 

What does Pain Radar do - You select your current pain level using the medical pain scale.  Then you select the parts of your body that bother you the most at that moment. Once you hit send, Pain Radar will provide you a 24 hour window on what your pain levels will be.  In addition, you will receive 6AM alerts on your phone with the pain level to be expected in a 12 hour window of time, and a 6PM alert on your phone with the pain level to be expected in the following 12 hour window of time.

How do we do it - We have an hourly barometric pressure for every GPS coordinate in the world, as well as a hourly 24 hour forecast of barometric pressure for every GPS coordinate on earth.  

Through Patented Algorithms, and complex machine learning, we can predict the increase of Pain on an Hourly, 12, or 24 Hour basis.  Our Machine learning system also calculates your individual sensitivity to changes in barometric pressure.  It basically Learns what changes affect you over time, so we alert you to changes that fall in the barometric range that affects you most. 

The medical impact of changes in barometric pressure have been proven through medical studies.  Especially on people with inflammatory diseases.  I suffer with Psoriatic Arthritis, I designed and engineered this application for myself.  Once it was proven to work 100%, I decided I wanted to share this with the world.  These diseases are so impactful on quality of life, anything we can do to take back control, even a little, is worth the effort.  

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