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Arthritis Pain Radar 

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As a sufferer of Psoriatic arthritis, my pain was controlling my life.  This application won’t take away your chronic pain, but it will help you to manage that pain.  It will help you to minimize the disruption chronic pain causes to your life.


















Medical – Studies have proven the connection between barometric pressure changes and the increase in inflammation pain.  These changes can be up or down, but they come at us without warning, when we are least prepared.  PainRadar will warn you with plenty of time to take action.  No more will you wake up in the middle of the night with extreme pain you didn’t know was coming, or set off to work fine, only to be slammed with pain during the day that you had no idea was coming.  You will be in control!

How does it work – We have access to a 24-hour window of barometric pressures, in two-hour increments, across the globe.  By using the medical pain scale, and selecting the parts of your body in pain, we can deliver prior notice of changes in barometric pressure that may increase your pain level.  We do this through the application, and through sunset and sunrise alerts.  Our System “Learns” what changes in barometric pressure affect you, at what levels, and the levels of barometric pressure changes that don’t affect you.  This way our notifications are tailored to you.  The more you use the application, the more targeted our responses will be. 

Privacy – We don’t ask for your personal information, we use a unique ID to help us connect to just your phone, with only your alerts and information. 

Take the first step to YOU being in control of chronic inflammatory pain.

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